Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation Surgery

Getting pregnant after you have had tubal ligation surgery is extremely difficult, but there are women who have successfully given birth despite having had that procedure. Although your fallopian tubes have been cut or banded during the surgery, there are a few options available if you are considering getting pregnant. 

The tubal ligation surgery is a procedure that stops the fallopian tubes from letting the body become pregnant. During that surgery, the fallopian tubes were either burned, banded or cut to prevent future pregnancies. The decision to have tubal ligation surgery was most likely done after careful consideration, and back then you thought you no longer wanted to become pregnant.

With all that being said, what if you decide after the surgery that you want to become pregnant. Women in a relationship may decide that they no longer want a child and have the procedure done. Then years later if the marriage dissolves and they meet someone new, they may decide that they want a child with their new love, so there are circumstances where a women may want to try and become pregnant again.

If you decide that you want to become pregnant after having tubal ligation, you do have a couple options. You can try tubal ligation reversal surgery or in-vitro fertilization. The procedures are both very expensive but are the only two surgery that could help you get pregnant again. The tubal ligation reversal surgery requires you to having a procedure that will attempt to rejoin the fallopian tubes. The procedure requires the tubes still being long enough to be connected, and that the tubes are not damaged enough.

The in-vitro fertilization is your second option if you want to become pregnant, and means that you will take hormones designed to increase the overall likelihood the eggs will be released from the ovaries. The surgeons then perform a procedure by which the eggs are taken from the ovaries and placed within the uterus.

The chances of either of these procedures working are not high, but there is still a chance you can become pregnant. The success rate for the tubal ligation reversal is around 55%. The success rate for the in-vitro fertilization is much lower, usually at around 20%. There are some risks that you want to consider when having either procedure.

Even though the chances of you getting pregnant after these procedures is small, and there are some health risks involved, women from all over the world have had successful pregnancies with no complications. For people who wants to know more about tubal ligation and tubal reversal and ways how you can get a cheap tubal reversal surgery, please visit Tubal Ligation Care website at


  1. It's nice to watch a successful case of Tubal Ligation Reversal. Now people can select this procedure without any fear because it has higher chances of success.

  2. To make a successful conception after Tubal Ligation Reversal a woman should follow the above mention points.

  3. To get pregnant naturally after your Tubal Reversal surgery, make your follow-up visits to your doctor and use only healthy diet.